Jeff Dawson is a Vancouver based producer, songwriter, engineer and mixer. He is best known for developing and producing the debut self titled album of Daniel Powter which contained the Grammy nominated (best vocal performance) hit single "Bad Day". That single held the number one spot on Billboard's Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks, broke records with 2.5 million downloads and has CD sales of over three million copies.


An established writer, Jeff has written for many different artists including "Give You All My Lovin'" for Warner's Eleven Past One. Singles with Sons Of Daughters,  Laurell's "Unbreakable" went top 20 on the radio charts in 2013, Calgary's Lexi Strate's "Chances" (top 40) and prog-indie band Bend Sinister. Currently Santa Clara's "Melt Away" is quickly climbing the U.S. Billboard top forty indicator charts. X Factors darling Reed Demming included two songs on his debut EP; "Mercy On Me" and "Just Imagine" were both co-written by Dawson. Past releases are singles by  Jaydee Bixby ("Always Love My Country"), Suzy McNeal ("Nothing More To Say") among many others. Jeff's also had numerous film and TV placements on shows including Rookie Blue, Degrassi, Necessary Roughness, The Vanderpump Rules, and Telus.


With a production range that runs the gamut from pop to rock and a style that focuses on catchy musical hooks and strong choruses, Jeff's body of work also includes:


- Alt country duo Sons Of Daughters "hangman" single

- Two albums for Calgary's The Dudes (Barbers Thieves and Bartenders and Blood Guts Bruises Cuts).  Both albums produced multiple singles and top 40 radio success.

- Pop rockers State Of Shock's album "Life Love And Lies" which was certified Gold and included the #1 hit single "Money Honey" along with three other top ten singles ("Best I Ever Had", "Too Pretty" and "Hearts That Bleed"). The success of "Life Love And Lies" triggered a bidding war and subsequent US record deal with Universal/Republic. Dawson also produced the follow up album "Rock 'n Roll Romance".

- Former Destiny Child diva Kelly Rowland and her top ten single "Unity".

- The critically acclaimed album by Marcy Playground (Leaving Wonderland In A Fit Of Rage).

- Other artists and bands of note are IO (Universal China), Sean Zhang (The Typhoon Group China), Art Of Dying, Tal Bachman, Andrew Allen, both JD Fortune and MiG of Rockstar INXS, Holly McNarland (Universal/Curve), Birds Of Wales (Sparks Music/EMI) and metal-popsters Incura.


Jeff has lent his engineering skills to the likes of Ryan Tedder, Nas and Much Music's Soda Pop "Pop Goes The World" (with proceeds going to UNICEF) featuring Emily Osment (Hanna Montana), Danny Fernandez, Jesse Labelle, The New Cities and Alyssa Reid.


Jeff's passion for what he does allows him to continue developing and nurturing up-and-coming talent much the way he did with Daniel Powter. Vernon's Kyle Richardson and Vancouver's Des Larson are two artists that Jeff has been committed to over the past year. 


Be it producing or writing, Jeff does not waver from his mantra "It's all about the song!". Regardless of genre, the same constant applies to every act: fierce focus on song structure coupled with both player and vocalist performing at their very best.


Jeff works everywhere but most days he can be found at his comfortable studio in Vancouver. A private, creative, and affordable environment for both writing and recording.